Mexicans Just Can’t Get Over The Mexican American War Or Is It Really Just Their Excuse! Ed Schultz And Michael Eric Dyson Starring As Usual In, Creative Bigotry! Latinos & The Republican Party Are Giving Americans And The President Another Slap In The Face By Accusing Barack Obama Of Slapping Theirs Over Birth Control, How Much More Will The American Government Force The American People To Take From These Ungrateful Advantage Takers! And How To Perform A Mexorcism America Needs To Perform A Mexorcism As Soon As Possible!

Here’s proof Mexicans can’t get over the Mexican American War and they seriously believe they are still fighting it. And this was not only the way of life for breeder people south of the American border it has quickly become the breeder peoples way here in America.   Below is a response to an article a type out some time ago by a Mary Higgins. The words within the parenthesis is my response to her response. At the end is a link to the article and at the bottom of that page is her response and two of my own. I hope you follow me. Says – It doesn’t matter what you say.. you can kick and scream, (the people doing the kicking and screaming “MARY HIGGINS” are the people that march around in American streets everytime they don’t like something that are NOT citizens yet they and their supporters believe they deserve everything).. but things are changing..demografics are changing..(the word is spelled DEMOGRAPHICS Einstein) is to late for you or the ones who think like you. (i’d rather think like me than think like you) The people you call baby poppers are winning, they are growing in numbers (yes, growing in numbers just as cucaracha’s do. Also home invasion robberies are growing in number in Mexifornia so are kidnappings and armed robberies among other crimes. Is this why America belongs to these poor poorly educated baby makers of south of the American border countries? Is it everything here in America belongs to the broke baby machine so if its not handed over to them they will just take it. I bet the majority of all crimes committed in America are NOT committed by white people. Is there easier prey in America than there is in Mexico, prey more relaxed not expecting to be robbed by the “We Are Not Criminals” people. Is it there are more and better things to steal and the fact that the lives of criminals are better in America than in Mexico what you mean by “we are winning.”) while you are killing your own with abortion clinics and “planned parenthood.” (we Americans know Mexicans don’t plan ahead for children like smart people do Mexicans just drop children everywhere like animals do and “Planned Parenthood” is NOT your peoples enemy. Also i have been hearing lately there is a rise in child endangerment of Latino children so you can bet Latinos are NOT the greatest parents in the world. Personally i hate seeing so many “ChildFund” commercials with breeder peoples kids on the television screen and this white man says give for these kids in America. Knowing full well breeders will continue breeding and more and more children will have to be provided for as soon as these children get active sex organs they start the baby making process then the breeding and the support by non-breeders continues.) Most of California is Latino today, (the reason California is heavily infested with Latinos most here illegally is the belief public officials like the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa, the Catholic Church and Latino illegal immigration organizations also determined these people are going to stay here made abiding by American law secondary helping give these people an atmosphere of what Mexicans & Central Americans want is right making American law and the American people not enjoying being ran over by 10’s of millions of an over sexed people to be supported on the American system is wrong and that these officials and organizations would give Mexicans & Central Americans a safe haven as they are determined they are going to be here no matter what in America where all the American GOODIES are. We also are starting to see why Mexico wants them out.) with cities where the minority is white, and is growing. (Here is more proof these “fighters for the renewed Mexican American War believe they are taking over America) Black neighborhoods are now Latino neighborhoods, white neigborhoods are turning brown, and like it or not, is not stoping..(spell it like this dummy – its not stopping. Also Mexican “like it or not” YOU turned this into a RACE issue.) Mexicans are reclaiming the land that was sold by force. (The land spoken of is California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, most of Arizona & Colorado & parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas & Wyoming. These “winners” are now in all 50 states depleting all available American resources they can get their hands on, NOT Mexican resources) Like in Texas, when the Mexican goberment (try government) tried to do something about it it was to late..(to the right is the “Goober-ment” of Mayberry and realistically if these states in question were still part of Mexico today, Mexicans would still be flooding into the 44+ states that would still be America exactly for the same reasons they are doing it now, meaning this invasion of America is NOT about land, the bitchin of sold & stolen land is a excuse for the breeders self-righteous belief that they should have what they want here in America. Another reason for their bold push into America is American laws are far less severe than they are in their own countries, this gives them the belief America is a pushover. We all know these people try to get as many of their people into this country so they all can enjoy the finer things in life they can’t get in their own countries and they have as many babies here in the U.S. as they can to use as a tool to claim we Americans are just trying to breakup their families everytime deportation comes up. They try every dirty trick in the book to use American laws against us in an attempt to cover for the laws they break.) the states today, is to late to…the time US as a white country is over..(US is a word and U.S. is an abbreviation also this person MARY HIGGINS continues to bring RACE into this as an issue) and if you are smart, you will welcome the change, everything has an expiration date, and the US as we know it, or knew it is no more….GET OVER IT! (What will you or your people do to me if i don’t welcome this change? There is no US as we know or knew it, there is no you and me. Again the abbreviation is U.S.. It appears to me there is a lot of Latinos that need to “get over it” Mexicans haven’t gotten over this land grab that took place 165 years ago and they expect “whitie” to get over what is going on right now. Just like in Oct 3, 1995 just after the O.J. Simpson trial “whitie” was told to “GET OVER IT” as we all know black America still hasn’t gotten over black slavery in America. Slavery in America started about 1619 and ended in 1865 yet many men many of them black treat women as slaves including the stupid white women dumb enough to be with them. In Africa black slavery by blacks continues just as it had when Africans sold Africans to the white man and as it had for thousands of years)    There is a “I’m MAD” response by Mary Higgins at the bottom of the page of this article.  Its getting tough for a white man to so much as breath without being called a RACIST! That guy sneezed, i think that was a racist sneeze. What do you think Micheal. Do you think that was i racist sneeze. Why, yes i do Ed i do think that definitely was a racist sneeze. And its ridiculous to think race is a card. Our blacks and Latinos Ed continue to find new ways of accusing white people of everything through “creative bigotry.” And their getting every good at it. Here are just a few of many black Americans accusing “whitie” of playing the race card. A black American asks – Why do some white people think anti-racism is anti-white!  Answer – Certain people believe only white people can be a racist!   The careless use of the race card.   Melissa Hariss Perry: No need to play the race card.    Did Attorney General Eric Holder play the race card?    Reverse race card! Blame whitie for blaming blacks.  Al Sharpton accuses Governer Jan Brewer of playing the race card. Not everybody was talking about this photo, only certain people make of it what they want to make it out to be. Just the people that want to push the “whitie the racist” issue. I could just as easy take a stack of photos and make it out to be many issues.   You see Ed even our black American victims think race is a card to play, isn’t that ridiculous!  And here below Ed is a book people like us racial bigots Ed Schultz, Micheal Eric Dyson & Al Sharpton should read.Latinos are saying the HHS mandate is an ensult and a slap in the face to the Catholic community and shows Barack Obama needs prayer. As George Bush and Barack Obama let this Latino invasion of America the invasion supporters call immigration continue i thought we real Americans was going to need plenty of this prayer. The national group of Latino leaders doesn’t want anything getting in the way of the over population of America with Latinos and the eventual Latino takeover of America. Latinos will do and say anything no matter how outlanddish it is or sounds to get as much of this country for their people they can. Robert Aguirre says the mandate shows the president promise was nothing more than a shell game. Meaning Obama is holding back on handing over the United States to all of “baby popper land.” He promised to give us America! And he hasn’t done it yet. Oh’ boo-hoo! Believing Barack Obama is taking the Latino vote for granted sounds a lot more like the threat of holding back Latino votes is none other than “blackmail.” Latinos are now claiming the president is trying to get these over populating over sexed baby machines to limit their families just like Latinos accused white Americans of hating brown people for the color of their skin every single time the words “illegal immigration” came up. Personally i don’t believe these invaders have any realistic RIGHT to force their way into this country and live off the American system. This intrusion of America and forcing America (Americans) to pay for the Latino breeder machine to live and claim hate, racism, oppression, among other things simply because these people can’t get what they want in their own countries is the insult, the slap in the face, and the insult to our American intelligence. Again soon Americans will be accused of trying to “genocide” the Indigenous race. When America was founded there was no plan for the eventual takeover by Latinos embedded in the foundings. So this takeover of America is NOT their RIGHT. Latinos believing anti-life is an insult of their intelligence and a cover for health care is nothing more than their outlandish nonsense. If they really did have this intelligence they speak of they would be able to sustain their own people without forcing America to do it. These people have NO RIGHT to over burden the American health care system either. Robert Aguirre characterized this mandate as demeaning to their peoples belief in life. Latinos believing they have all the right in the world to create as much life for the United States to sustain as they please is demeaning America and the American people. Its clear to me that these invaders of America are using the Catholic faith as a cover for their peoples over population of America and the belief it will lead to the Indigenous takeover of America. They must think all of us Americans are really stupid. There is no religious institution that has a GOD given right to tell a government, a people, a country or the world they have to put up with a breeding frenzy of a certain people simply on the grounds these “faith” holders don’t believe in birth control. If these over sexed breeders are going to continue refusing to control their breeding habits then they can STOP sticking the penis in the vagina. No GODLY religious institution can rightfully condone having uncontrolable sex NOT even just to have babies to burden the world in grief and misery. Not all of these over sexed baby makers are married you holy religious fanatics! Why don’t the Catholic Church let 30 million Latinos into Vatican City so they can sex it up there? If the Catholic Church did we Americans could quickly say. Halleljah praise god! Basically is what is happening. These third world people breeded profusely in their precious Mexico causing wide spread poverty and misery using the Catholic religion as an excuse. Their Mexican people with money got tried of footing the bills to provide for irresponsible uneducated breeders. With little to no support poverty and slums ran rampant in Mexico. As life gets more and more unpleasant for these Catholic breeders a problem caused by their own doing. They begin to sneak into America first by the hundreds then by the thousands the population of pay for us to life people builds into 31 million and climbing daily. This would NOT have happened if the American government had not turned their backs on this problem. As their numbers build in America they get bolder and bolder clear into they now believe they are running the show here in America. And now they believe they have the RIGHT to do anything they please which includes break laws, breed the U.S. into far more poverty and despair just as they did in Mexico. Blaming “whitie” as all this transpires. It is this that is why they are here and this that is why white Americans are the racist Nazi oppressor. As we all can see now these people intend on making life more unbearable in this country for everybody including themselves just as they did in wonderful Mexico. This problem is also the fault of the Catholic Church and it is they that should be responsible for this out of control mess. Remember Catholics are the faith holders that believe highly in child molestation. Is that why they don’t believe in birth control? Think about it! Religion was suppose to be beneficial to GOD fearing people. As we can see religion can be a very destructive force to world populations as it has been with AK 47 muslims, extreme child loving Caholics and polygamy loving mormons.  Do Catholics believe in senseless uncontrolable sex too? Hello, were Catholics lets hump on something. Hey, wheres your kids!  Having babies you can NOT support just to live miserably in poverty is NOT love. Foolish excessive breeding is NOT love for the children, its NOT love for yourselves, its NOT love for your race, its NOT love for your religion, its NOT love for your faith or your church and its NOT for the love of GOD. Again the Republican party finds more fuel for their GET Obama fire. This time its religious freedom! The republican party really doesn’t give a rats ass about religious freedom especially when religious freedom gets in their way. And they surely are NOT siding with “The Great Breeder” machine. You can bet the republican party will NOT take part in the destruction of America by over population of an over sexed people that government (the American people) has to support. The Catholic Church does NOT and will NOT hand out public assistance checks. And if the Catholic Church did these checks should be handed over to white Americans since minorities and their supporters are determined to believe whites are the majority on public assistance anyway. You can be sure if the republican party got the presidents seat back or as they would say took back the white house they would do an “about face” on this birth control issue. If government should stay out of religion then religious leaders like Al Sharpton, the Catholic Church and Catholic Latinos should keep their instigative big nose out of politics. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but at some point you might have to perform a Mexorcism. By definition a Mexorcism is relieving the country from the parasites through a set of holy rituals. The act of driving off, or warding off demonio’s, or evil breeders from places believed to be infested with them. The first thing you need to establish when considering a Mexorcism is whether a city or state needs to be Mexorcised. Before you go ahead and banish the world from evil breeding, you must examine your abilities. Successful Mexorcism’s can and must only be carried out by the heavily armed Mexorcist. The practice of smudging the breeder can be carried out using smudge sticks maded with tampons soaked with a liquid birth control substance. Exclude the possibility that Mexicans have a mental illness and realize the way they act in America is how they really are. It’s essential to know the difference between forces of diablo and the need for medical attention. Performing a Mexorcism might be the best thing you have ever done for your country. Evaluate your desire to be free from the parasites. Mexorcism’s need to be preformed by Americans with an incredible desire to get America back. It is their power based in faith of firearms that will command the demons out, since the American Government, state and city officials don’t obey the laws anymore than the infestation from south of the border does. Recite a series of prayers as outlined by your chosen faith. Most will begin with an appeal to a higher power asking for intervention, then use the name of the higher power to command demonios to leave. Make the sign of the cross (Nazi cross, he,he) at the appropriate times during the prayers. Signing of the cross will be made on both the Mexorcist as well as the demonios. Sprinkle special holy water (made of Cyproterone Acetate) on everyone that looks like they might have or make a baby. Command the demonios out of America. Because of the dangerous nature of Mexorcism clearly warn against inexperienced Americans from performing this rite. My website and blogs.    The only thing scarier than the heads of Mexicans spinning around like a carousel would be the American politicians head doing a 360 saying “vote for us Latino’s.” The Latino’s say if you American politicians want votes from us Mexicans you have to officially hand over the United States to us, call it Comprehensive Immigration Reform. American politicians want Latino votes so badly they are willing to cut off the American peoples arms and legs to get them. All Latino’s are aloud to vote whether their in the U.S. or not (absentee ballot). Mexicans don’t have to be citizens and they don’t have to be the the U.S. to vote. This plays a big part with minorities NOT needing photo ID. White Americans need photo ID just to live and conduct their business. White Americans can do very little with no photo ID. Are Canadians aloud to vote in American elections? Would they have to force their way over the northern border dropping babies on the way first? Can Americans vote in Mexican elections? Would it help if white Americans started having babies foolishly like there’s no tomorrow whether they can support them or not?  The reason why Mexicans are opposed to legalizing marijuana in the U.S. (1) Marijuana is not Mexicans. (2) The legalization of marijuana would stop the flow of marijuana from Mexico. (3) Why shouldn’t marijuana remain illegal, many Mexicans are? Legalizing marijuana would be taxed by state and federal governments keeping American money in America who wants that?  The Mexorcist   The Mexorcist Trailer  This is what we are to believe as we look at the spiral. Mexicans are the greast people on earth, according to them they are “winning.” They are better than the America people that are now forced to pay for them to live and have more babies costing even more. Now Mexicans can have that wonderful life they deserve here in America and in their precious Mexico. The uneducated baby machines are the GODS of the Americas because they say they are. Mexicans have all the RIGHTS in the world to do anything they want because they are so wonderful. All of America is like an amusement park to these precious people. And Americans complain to much they should be glad to be walked on and accused of being racist Nazis by a people thats GODS gift to the world. Mexicans have every right to march in America streets demanding everything, wave their Mexican flags in victory, bla, bla, bla, their version of Spanish in our faces and play their Mexican music loudly for all to hear. Mexicans believe its their Mexican flag that should be on American flag poles they at times put them there to show their superiority over the American people. Mexicans deserve to be in America they want things they want everything. They know they can use “stolen land” as an excuse to get things that otherwise don’t belong to their people. Mexico is better than America even though everything they want is in America. We Americans were just holding everything for them until they decided to come and get it all.  Now look back at the spiral and say – i want to self deport back to precious Mexico, theres no place like our precious Mexico.

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